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Medalist Feed

MINI Sprout Pellets

MINI Sprout Pellets

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Complete nutrition

Nutrient dense

Formulated by veterinarians and agricultural scientists, our Sprout pellets are rich in nutrients. They provide optimal protein levels, 50% more slow-release energy compared to alfalfa hay, and easily digestible sources. The inclusion of barley sprouts minimizes the risk of colic and founder, making it the market's best feed with a guaranteed nutrient analysis. Unlike hay, there's no requirement for additional supplementation.

Delivered fresh

Buy a tote, a pallet, or a couple bags and once you are out, reorder a fresh new batch. We grow sprouts daily to make sure you are getting the freshest feed on the market.


Our pellets are small and we don't add any binders which keeps them soft. This eliminates choke without the need to soak the pellets. You can still soak them to help give your animal extra hydration.

Keep it easy with pellets

Put down that pitchfork. With pellets you won't need to break down hay bales or deal with the mess and waste. Pellets are easy to store and take up a fraction of the space as hay.

How much should I feed my horse?

1% to 2% of your horse's body weight per day (10-20 lbs a day for a 1000 lb horse)
You should feed your horse about 15 pounds per day
One super sack should last 100 days