Hello Las Vegas!

At Medalist, our mission is to bring high-quality products directly to your doorstep both conveniently and efficiently.

Please reach out with any questions about how we are serving our Las Vegas customers. The pricing below is exclusive for your area only!

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You've got questions:


Our commitment to transparency and simplicity means that all product prices include the shipping cost to Las Vegas. There are no hidden fees or additional charges—the price you see is the final price you pay.


By combining all our deliveries to Las Vegas in just a few trips, we're saving you a ton of money on freight charges. We also keep or delivery dates consistent month-to-month so you can always count on getting your feed, when you need it.


We value our loyal customers and offer subscription plans that come with extra benefits and cost savings. For more information on our subscription pricing and to tailor a plan to your specific needs, please contact our customer service team at (435) 213-9348.