Frequently Asked Questions

What Benefits Do Sprouts Have To Offer My Horse?

  • Horses eating sprout pellets reduce the incidence of ulcers, inflammatory laminitis, tie-up, compaction & colic.
  • Sprouts will reduce recovery time after hard work.
  • They provide exceptional growth rates in yearlings.
  • Sprouts timulate appetite, especially during conditions of heat stress.
  • If fed daily, maintains a horse's well being by aiding the digestive process and supplying protein and high levels of cool energy. This allows a horse in work to maintain the bulk essential for an extended campaign.
  • Improvement in general appearance and coat condition.
  • High in digestible fiber, which is digested into volatile fatty acids & is readily absorbed into the bloodstream as a source of energy.
  • Sprouts contain higher concentrations of the freely availably minerals important for animal nutrition, compared to grain prior to sprouting.
  • Helps replace essential fluids and nutrients lost in work and increases hydration, especially in regions where heat causes excessive loss of fluids from sweating.
  • Provides essential amino acids and vitamins which encourages early breeding (D Cuddeford. PhD Royal School of Veterinary Studies).
  • Slow released energy without becoming "hot."
  • Improved behavior.
  • Higher milk production in lactating mares.

Is It True That Spout Pellets Are A COMPLETE Feed?

Yes! Collaborating with veterinarians and Ag Scientists, we've formulated a perfect horse pellet blend providing complete nutrition for horses of any age. Pair it with our mineral rocks for electrolyte balance and mineral nutrients.

Can I Add Water To Soak Them If I Wish?

While our pellets are designed to eliminate the concern of choke, soaking them can enhance hydration if you prefer.

How Do Sprout Pellets Compare to Hay Cubes or Alfalfa Pellets (as far as nutrition)?

Enzymes in the sprouts reduce the risk of bloating, and the slow-release energy ensures a well-mannered and calm horse. Plus, all the other nutritional benefits mentioned above.