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Slow Release

Medalist's sprout pellets have low NSC and vet recommended optimal protein with 50% more energy than alfalfa hay alone. That's because barley sprouts are a slow-release, cool energy source which improves mood and ridability.

Healthy Coat and

Barley Grass is nutrient dense with Protein, Copper, Zinc, and Vitamin A that have a direct impact on the health and shine of your horse's coat and hooves.


Barley grass is not just high in phytonutrients, but also rich in anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals, such as Vitamin A that naturally reduce inflammation.


You can lead a horse to water... but what if he won't drink? If you have a stubborn horse that you know needs more water, our pellets will completely soak in 5-10 minutes giving you a great way to help your horse stay hydrated.


The enzymes and fiber content that comes from sprouted barley provides food for friendly gut bacteria which produce short-chain fatty acids. These SCFA's in turn keep the gut healthy and strong.

Aids in

Barley grass is a great source for essential amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. This aids in recovery by increasing protein synthesis and reducing oxidative stress.

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