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Super sacks vs pallets
  • 26 Super Sacks: A truckload comprises 39,000 lbs of pellets, each weighing 1500 lbs. Please note that delivery is curbside, necessitating equipment for moving each Super Sack around your property.
  • 22 Pallets: A truckload comprises 44,000 lbs of pellets, equating 880 50lb bags. While pallets may incur slightly higher costs compared to super sacks due to individual packaging, the convenience of 50 lb bags makes them easier to transport, especially if you lack the equipment to handle a 1500lb Super Sack.
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Super Sacks: $7800. That's 39000 pounds of feed at $300 per sack.
Pallets: $9240. That's 44000 pounds of feed at $420 per pallet.

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Split costs with friends

This is a great option if you don't need an entire truck to yourself. You can get a fantastic price by partnering with others in your area and sharing a truck!

Benefits of bulk pellets
Convenience of pellets v.s. hay

Switching to pellets eliminates the hassle of breaking down hay bales and reduces mess and waste. Our Medalist pellets are meticulously formulated by agricultural scientists and veterinarians to provide complete nutrition, eliminating the need for expensive supplements for your herd.

Save storage space

Pellets offer a convenient storage solution, taking up significantly less space than hay. With the option to replenish your supply as needed, there's no need to purchase an entire year's worth of feed upfront, as is often the case with hay.


Your pellets will be delivered within 7-14 days from the date of placing your order with our sales team. Please be aware that the quote form does not constitute a formal order.

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