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Complete nutrition for an endurance horse!

"I own an OTTB who requires just a little more than the average horse for nutrition. He is my current endurance horse. He has battled with on again off again tying up, mental struggle, and muscle loss. So many owners are quick to say their horse has a bad attitude, is unwilling and stubborn. However, nutrition plays the biggest role in their overall mental and physical health. Sometimes the smallest nutritional change can make the biggest difference. Three weeks ago I purchased my first bag of Medalist Cubes to try in place of commercial grains. WOW!!!! What a difference!!! His Topline is filling in nicely, no issues of tying up and he mentally is willing and ready to work. I can't say enough great things about this product. The best part is there is ZERO waste! I'm a forever customer. Thank you Medalist feeds!!!!!"" - Tanya C.

Horses new favorite

"My horses and burro are in love with the sprout pellets! They are like a school of piranhas at feeding time. They are more energetic, their eyes are brighter and there is a noticeable difference in their overall health and appearance. Great product!"

The horses are loving it!

"I have started supplementing with the pellets. My horse and pony absolutely love them."

First Delivery

"Good delivery goats love the stuff"

Horses are loving it!

"Been using for about 2 months now, I love the subscription! Love not stressing about storage. Horses are all looking great on it ages 7-29! And I'm not supplementing extra like I thought I would."

I feed this to my goats, horses, and cows

"I feed this to my goats, horses, and cows and they look fantastic. I've seen a huge change in them in the last month since starting this. You might want to look into camelina oil for your elderly horse as well. Since starting this regiment of this feed and camelina oil, my horse who foundered has come around to full health and body weight. I'm sold on this feed.".


I have a breeding farm of 11 horses, includes stallions, mares and babies. So far, so good with the sprout pellets! Will give more feedback as we continue to observe their behavior, health, performance and coat and hoof health. Stay tuned!!!"

Love Medalist!

"So happy I switched to Medalist feeds - easy delivery, great quality, and even a recurring delivery so no more worries about getting hay through the winter! Thank you!"

Horse feed

"Feeding this is so much easier and cleaner than feeding hay. And my horses love it and look great!"

My Vet was very pleased with the improvements

"My 24-year-old mare was struggling with a major metabolic imbalance early last year into the Spring. We were trying various meds, feeds, and supplements. In June she had a bout with colic and that got me into doing more research on her feed which led me to Medalist Feed via Facebook, Upon calling the customer service number for Medalist I was given the information that it is low in starch and sugar and due to its slow release it is easier for my horse to digest and keeps her feeling more satisfied so she is not as food aggressive as she used to be. I have shared this information with my local vet who had not seen my horse since last Spring. Now that my horse is back in St George The vet came out yesterday to give her a vaccination and he was very pleased with the body weight and condition of my mare."

We love medalist feed!

"We love the pellets, our horses love the pellets, the price is affordable especially with delivery built into the price. The delivery drivers are friendly and helpful when delivering! I am so glad we found medalist feed!"
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