Truck pulling a trailer full of super sacks of premium horse feed pellets on a dirt road by a field.
Horse feed scoop with pellets on a white background.
Happy Theo the horse with his favorite sprout pellet feed. Helps him stay as healthy as a horse.
Super stack X 13 nest to a horse enclosure. Our 19500 lbs Trailer Load has 13 super sacks of pellets.
Best Quality: Our blend of sprout pellets was a medalist in best quality of pellet.
Complete Nutrition: Our quality horse feed brings all of the nutritious values your horse needs. It helps your horse stay as healthy as a horse.
Cleaner Stables: How can you keep my horse stables cleaner? By purchasing our pellet horse feed you can have better control of the cleanliness of your stables.
Medalist: 50% Less Water Usage
Less Waste: Stacked bails  with horse feed all over the ground. When you choose to use our alfalfa pellets you have 25% less wasted feed. Rather than losing allot of feed due to storage and transportation you can easily store these pellets.  Our feed is also more compact and can easily be stored. This is a great option to save space!
Delivery Zones Tier 1 - Free ($100 minimum order) +$5 processing fee Tier 2 shipping Zone  Flat Rate - $179.00 ($500 minimum order) Tier 3 Shipping Zone Flat Rate - $640.00 ($1000 minimum order) Tier 4 Shipping Zone Rate $997.00 ($2000 minimum order) Free local shipping.
Contents: Medalist Feed Company LLC Sprout Pellets for Horses. Guaranteed Analysis Crude Protein, minimum - 12.0% Crude Fat minimum - 2.5% Crude Fiber, max - 28.0% Acid Detergent Fiber - 42.0% Calcium , minimum - 0.7% Calcium, maximum - 1.3% Phosphorus, minimum 0.30% Magnesium, minimum 0.40% Selenium, minimum - 0.20ppm Zinc, minimum - 30 ppm
13,500 lbs Trailer Load of Alfalfa Pellets - 9 super sacks - Bulk Horse Feed - Complete Nutrition

13,500 lbs Trailer Load of Alfalfa Pellets - 9 super sacks - Bulk Horse Feed - Complete Nutrition

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Medalist's new specialty pellets for horses consists of premium alfalfa grown in the fertile land of Delta UT.  With whole stem and leaves blended together, your horse gets all the nutrients and the stem portion doesn't go to waste like it would with traditional hay. 

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